Swiss football player banned for 50 years after abusing referee: Can return at 78-years-old

Swiss division league football player, Ricardo Ferreira, won’t be able to play in Switzerland ever again until he’s 78-years-old. For some reason, he chose to kick the ball in the face of the referee, then squirt water at him. 
( Howard Young )

A Swiss football player is probably now praying to all the gods in hope of things turning well for him. The player was recently banned from the Swiss fourth division for 50 years, after kicking the ball in the referee’s face, then squirting water at him.

The player is currently 28-years-old, which means he’s eligible to return when he’s 78-years-old. The player in question is Ricardo Ferreira, and from what we’ve come to understand, he’s no white knight, because he has a hefty track record of bad behavior at his club, Portugal Futebol Clube.

Clearly his transgressions in the past are the cause for this massive 50-year ban, and we are not sure if he will ever escape his demons this time around. Robert Breiter, the lawyer of Switzerland’s amateur football league, is hell-bent on getting Ferreira out of the league, as he does not view him as a player who deserves to be there.

So what’s next for Ricardo Ferreira? Well, he has the option of fighting the ban. He would have to come up with a superb excuse as to why he should continue playing in the league. If the officials should ever take what he has to say seriously, we expect him to get at least a 2-year ban, along with being kicked from his current team.

If for some reason the league officials have no intention of listening to the player, then he would have no choice but to look elsewhere for work. A player who is banned for 50-years will find it difficult to be accepted by another club, unless his skills on the ball are along the lines of Cristiano Ronaldo or other great players.

Ferreira did not learn from his past mistakes, which is a sign that they were never mistakes to begin with. No one likes to see a player handled in such a way, but if what the league is saying is true, then he deserves it.

This is a player who was banned for 1-year after hitting the whistle out of the referee’s mouth. Furthermore, he missed a total of 45 games, which is mainly due to his terrible actions on the field.

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