Boxing / Championship Under-17-year-olds in Shkodra, ASF starts preparations

As of late morning, the Boxing Federation headed by President Florenda Kalivopullin has dealt with a meeting with the tutors. In this meeting were accessible not only the Secretary-General, Edmond Kabashi, or even particular official, Pero Migen, yet people from the organization and Pearls Volaj Mhill Lala.

Agreeing Peros has been the likelihood of a control Championships Under-17-year-olds, held in Shkodra on 27 and 28 September 2017. “Since we do now – Pero revealed to the media, then don’t have challenges . They heard their recommendation. ”

“Besides, the introduce of their appearance are made and to build internal controls of the title”, – he included. Likewise, now comes the end of September and begin of October there will be a movement of national events, which are in the arrangement of the celebrations for the 25th remembrance of the landing of encasing Albania.