Boxing / Youth championship started, Vllaznia & Arena dominate the first day

ASNN – boxers matured 40 to 18, agents of seven best groups of our nation, began their matches the previous evening at the Palace of Sports “Qazim Dervishi” Shkodra under finals of the National Boxing Championships. An occasion is booked for three days beginning from yesterday to complete on Sunday at twelve. Shkodra fans, who generally perceived as standard novices of this game, to the city, is the essential on account of the positive results that come a seemingly endless amount of time Vllaznia boxers have invited in the best finals of this competition.

Aside from an immaculate association from all sides made of game club “Vllaznia”, in participation with Albanian Boxing Federation, she got the attention for the principal day of this movement was solid games battle and competition in the ring encounter. 9 coordinates in the program was the main day, both in the weight 60 kg, three in the 69 kg, both at 75 kg, a 81 kg and another in super overwhelming weight more than 91 kg. Among these 9 encounters of the main day of the best games figure makes groups Vllaznia and private group, “Field”, who figured out how to win by 3 diversions; Shkodrans with Muriqi Demaj and Syljen weights individually 69, 75 kg and +91 kg.