Kumanovo Union’s first victory in the new edition of the Bible-IT

Union group has Kumanovo today inside the second throughput to Sigal Uniqa Group A Balkan League (Bible).

This match will occur beginning at 19:00 in the games lobby “Sezai Surroi” in Prizren.

At the initially meeting inside the Bible’s Union had been vanquished as a visitor in the face Kozuv-in Gevgelija, Macedonia.

In the mean time, today’s adversary of the Union, the group of Kumanovo in the main duel in the Bible has triumphed over Teodo’s.

The experience between Macedonians Prizren occupants and is relied upon to be extremely intriguing and extraordinary contention on the floor, while the hosts trust that with the support of the fans will prevail to record their first win in the Balkan League.