Boxing / Private Club “Arena” declared “champion” of the ring of youth

ASNN – After three days of battling and extremely fascinating race at the Palace of Sports “Qazim Dervishi” in Shkodra, new handles have perceived “champion” for 2016. Furthermore, the champ is reported toward the end of “Field” the crow Albi, a group that has projecting, as the mentor himself did when he was in the ring. He knew to infuse to his capable young men the best properties of a boxer era and more subjective point of view. This was affirmed for “Game Express” and various Albanian Boxing Federation, Florent Kalivopulli.

He has not dithered to concede that this year private group, “Field” was truly the best of the title in every one of its viewpoints. Other than Asmir Skutinës Christian Bejkos and Donald Paluca, who were proclaimed “national champions singular”, ie the weights 52, 56 and 91 kg, inside the group champion “Field” additionally incorporates different young men gifted together They will be the eventual fate of the Albanian boxing. To be noted is the way that private group, “Field” figures out how to appreciate time without