Lika Explains Duros future: Here are the misunderstandings of the club

Kukes won Friday night against Flamurtari Vlore 0-1 under Hasan Lika. The mentor conceded “episodes” that Duro has been with the club executives, saying they were misdirecting and he will return as the group pioneer.

“What I can say is that I remain here today as the brief substitution Duros who was not present, but rather he is relied upon to return and join the group instantly. After the match between the mentor and pioneers Partizan there was an examination and a misconception.

I surmise that is an issue effectively determined or will be determined soon. He could be here today, however maybe has had more opportunity to leave after that dialog. I surmise that everything will be determined in the coming days. Duro mentor Kukes authoritatively remains “, – said Lika.