FIA forgives Vettel for insulting Charlie Whitning

Apology through a letter sent Sebastian Vettel race director, Charlie Whitning, which the German Ferrari had insulted by radio during the Grand Prix of Mexico, worked. In this way 4 times World champion avoided a severe punishment that could be taken towards it. International Federation of Automobile, explained the reasons for the refusal of a penalty for Vettel in a statement in which written. “Taking into account the apology sincere, the President of the FIA ??decided to become an exception and not undertaken discipline sanctions towards Sebastian Vettel, but while incidents such as this in the future will be punished by the International Court “.

A source International Automobile Federation had previously announced news agency Reuters, that Vettel will not be sent to meet with the International Federation, which deals with disciplinary matters not covered by commissioners of competitions. The court may penalize Vettel disqualification for a great price, for insulting him through which broke the section of the regulation that punishes every word, act or writing that may cause moral harm or disrespect towards the FIA, or organs , its members or directors.