Lakers return protagonists, “OK” the Chicago Golden State

Four gatherings played in the NBA toward the beginning of today, which demonstrates another triumph for the Lakers group that this season is its astound appearances from those of earlier years. Californian won 101-91 to Sacramento, which was played in the last mentioned, yet that was commanded by companions. Williams with 21 points was the best in the field, upheld by Russell with 17 points, Randle with 15 points. While for the local people were insufficient 28 points of Cousins ??. Outside the territory New Orleans wins, who beat Milwaukee 112-106, which emerged Davis, creator of 32 points.

Subchampions of the NBA’s Golden State won 125-101 to Denver, a match overwhelmed by companions, that move between title winning groups in the West. Curry with 33 points had the effect in the ground surface, the best, additionally left behind Thompson with 19 points and Durant with 18. A win in the last seconds of Chicago group arrived, who beat Miami 98-95, and energizing football contention . Lopez and Rondo each scored 16 points each, making invalid the Whiteside 20 points.