LeBron James donates 2.5 million dollars for the exhibition of Muhammad Ali

The superstar of the Cleveland Cavaliers and best basketball player in the world, LeBron James, in collaboration with his partner business Maverick Carter, have confirmed that they will donate $2.5 million to National Museum of History and Culture Afro-American for the exhibition of Muhammad Ali .

The exhibition, which will be titled “Muhammad Ali: Force for Change” will honor the life of boxing legend after his death in June.

James never did not hide his admiration for the star of boxing, saying he has influenced his career.

“Muhammad Ali is precious omen for me as a sportsman because he not only represented in the ring as champion, but also out of the ring, what he promoted , what he spoke and what he sought as a person out the field. I think for him every day. Because without his passion, goals and motivation, I do not know if I would be here today talking to you about him, “said James.

For this museum before Michael Jordan have also contributed 5 million dollars and Magic Johnson with a million dollar.

Loonie Ali, wife of legendary boxer has made a statement recently that thanked James for his support.

“I am excited by the generosity that LeBron James has shown for this case. Exhibition will enable children to visit the museum and learn about Muhammad Ali and his work out of the ring, his humanitarian work and stand for social justice for all people, “said the wife of the legendary boxer.

The donation benefactor James will help unfold in precisely the life and career of Muhammad Ali by Alena inheritance Americans younger generations, those who have not had the opportunity to learn about and understand why even today it has a powerful effect mankind.