Russian Athletes can still compete at 2016 Rio Olympics

Russia has got some hopes of participating in next year’s Olympic Games as The Head of a probe into the country’s doping scandal has said that if Russia can prove that they are drug free, the nation can participate in prestigious event in Rio de Janeiro.

Russian Athletes can still compete at 2016 Rio Olympics.

Last week International Association of Athletics Federation banned Russia from the sport as organization came to know about the reports unveiled by World Anti-doping Agency. IAAF President Mr. Sebastian Coe has also shown the way to Russia for returning to Olympics by saying that Russia has to set new bench marks to stop doping from the sports.

Rune Andersen who is the head of 5 members inspection panel into Russia’s athletics team, has said the we can’t rule out the possibility of Russia’s inclusion in Rio Olympics. He said, “It is impossible to say whether there is enough time to do something with this situation. Whether it is one month, two months, a year, it’s impossible to say.”

“It is time to get their act together, that is quite obvious based on the report from WADA and also based on the fact the IAAF has found it necessary to appoint such a review team which I am heading. This will certainly be something we are really digging into when we get the terms of reference in place. We need to have the scope of our work, how wide we go into this and what type of work we actually are being asked to do.”

Russia won a total of 81 medals including 24 Gold Medals in 2012 Olympic Games held in London. They stood 4 in the medal table.

18th November, 2015