NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala: Wearables Helped Golden State Warriors Become Champions

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MVP Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors, this year’s champion in the NBA finals, said that the wearables helped his team a lot in winning the title. 
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Andre Iguodala said that wearable technology has definitely played an important role in the team’s championship winning in this year’s NBA Finals.

At TechCrunch’s Disrupt, Andre talked about his other interests, business ventures, future plans and the world of wearables.

“The wearables for a professional athlete if they’re accurate, they help us more than anybody,” said Andre in an interview with Sarah Lane, Executive Producer of Video at TechCrunch. “Because we actually put those numbers into play, because it directly affects our job. And it can directly affect, financially it can be effective towards force, in a positive way. So for the Warriors, we had our heart monitors, and we had devices that could let us know if we’ve recovered from the previous game. So, if we’re tracking low, how much pressure you’re putting in your knees, how hard your practices should be, knowin’ that you’ll recover for the next game so you’ll be more recovered for the next game so you’ll be more fresh, you have more energy, you play longer minutes.”

When asked what type of wearables he’s using on a regular basis, Andre mentioned popular names such as the Apple Watch, the Garmin and the Jawbone. The latter had particularly helped him improve his sleeping habit which eventually affected the way he played in the court.

The wearable technology is not entirely new in the NBA. However, no other team has used it more seriously than the Golden State Warriors, the 2014-15 NBA champion.

“Andre Iguodala said the tech wearables helped the Warriors stay healthy and win the championship,” tweeted Diamond Leung (@diamond83), Golden State Warriors beat writer for Bay Area News Group.

Andre is also interested in helping out the people in his community by hosting a number of social awareness events such as a Book Drive in 2006-2007, a Caps for Kids Drive in 2004-2005, and the so-called Andre Iguodala Disaster Relief Fund in March 2006 which was established to raise funds to help the victims of tornado in Springfield, Illinois, Andre’s hometown.

As part of a winning team, Andre shared his thoughts on how it has changed his perspective.

“Winning the championship, the NBA championship, changes your perspective of how you live. And it’s not about getting all the attention or being in front of a magazine. It’s just having a goal or having a dream and building up on it and sacrificing and putting the right guys in the right place to succeed. And then you see a counter for wishin’ and your ultimate goal was achieved. If I could just do that over and over again, that would be an amazing way to live.”

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