Super Bowl 2015: What Did Seattle Seahawks Doug Baldwin Do That NBC Didn't Want You To See?

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NBC does not want Super Bowl TV audiences to see Doug Baldwin pretending to take a dump over a football as he celebrates scoring a touchdown over the New England Patriots. 
( Jordan Stead | Twitter )

The Seattle Seahawks may have lost the game on Super Bowl Sunday, but wide receiver Doug Baldwin clearly thinks he’s won.

The NBC has cut off footage of Baldwin pretending to defecate on a football, making the billions of people watching Super Bowl XLIX on TV wonder why he was imposed a 15-yard penalty. It turns out Baldwin was in a celebratory mood after scoring a touchdown and leaving behind New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis in the dust, so he decided to do a little victory, err, dump.

Why didn’t NBC show Baldwin pooping ball? I asked: “The camera was panning the end zone. We saw it. We felt it was inappropriate to replay.”

Although NBC has refused to replay the footage, it isn’t surprising that several videos and images of Baldwin’s act have cropped up online. Clip after clip show how the Seahawks receiver pretending to take off his pants to excrete a load of pigskin waste from his apparently humongous bowels.

The incident is not the first time a football player pretended to pull down his pants at the Super Bowl.

During the NFC wild card playoffs in 2005, Minnesota Vikings’ Randy Moss pretended to moon the crowd at Lambeau Field before rubbing his butt on the goal post after scoring a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers, prompting commentator Joe Buck to declare it a “disgusting act.”

Although Moss said at the time he was only responding to the Packers’ fans who were mooning the Vikings’ buses, Moss said he was “just having a little fun with the boys.”

For his part, Baldwin did not provide any explanation for his act, only saying that it was only between him and the person he was directing it at, although one can assume it was for Revis, who wouldn’t leave Baldwin alone right from the start of the game.

As usual, the incident has taken Twitter by storm as user after user expressed shock, outrage, pretentious nonchalance or comedic talent over Baldwin doing a Randy Moss. Mashable has even come up with the awkward hashtag #DefecateGate for people who want to document Baldwin’s crappy act and share it with the Twitterverse.

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