Tokyo 2020 Olympics Torch Relay Schedule, Dates, Theme Confirmed

Torch Relay schedule for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games has been announced as The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Hellenic Olympic Committee announced the dates and schedule for 32nd Olympiads torch relay.

2020 Olympic games torch relay schedule, theme, dates

2020 Olympic games torch relay schedule, theme, dates

The flame lighting ceremony is scheduled to take place on 12th March 2020 in Olympia, Greece. As per traditions, the flame will be ignited by a modern priestess at the temple of Hera. Sun rays and a parabolic mirror will be used to ignite the 2020 Olympics torch flame.

Theme of 2020 Olympics torch relay is “Hope Lights Our Way” which aims to inspire people to support, accept and encourage each other.

Torch Relay Theme

“Hope Lights Our Way”

Tokyo 2020 President Mr. Yoshiro Mori thanked International Olympic Committee president and chair person of coordination committee to understand and accept the request of torch relay days extension to 121 days from original 100-day.

“I would like to thank the IOC President Bach and [Coordination Commission chair] John Coates for their kind understanding of our requests regarding the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Torch Relay. Thanks to their great support, we will be able to hold a Torch Relay lasting 121 days, including transit days, and exhibit the Olympic flame in the affected regions in Tohoku ahead of the grand start,” Mori said.

2020 Olympics Torch Relay Schedule

12th March: Lighting Ceremony in Olympia

12th to 19th March: Greek leg of torch relay

19th March: Handover ceremony in Athens

20th March: Flame to arrive in Matsushima Airfield in Miyagi

20th to 21st March: Flame display in Miyagi Prefecture

22nd to 23rd March: Flame display in Iwate Prefecture

24th to 25th March: Flame display in Fukushima Prefecture

26th March to 24th July: Japanese leg of torch relay to begin from Fukushima, traveling to 47 prefectures of Japan

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