Italy to host 2026 Winter Olympic Games

Milan-Cortina is announced as the host of Winter Olympics 2026. Italy hosted two winter olympic games previously in 1956 and 2006. From 82 votes, Milan bid received 47 votes in comparison to 34 of Stockholm to win the rights to organize Winter Olympics in 2026.

Winter Olympics 2026 logo
Winter Olympics 2026

International Olympic Committee (IOC) meeting took place to determine the host city of 2026 Olympic Games and it’s awarded to Italy.

It is learnt that this is the last occasion when a host of Olympic Games is chosen through bidding process. For future games allocation, host cities will be determined by the appointed dedicated panel which will assess all bids.

Next winter olympic games are scheduled to take place in China’s Beijing in 2022 from 4 to 20 February. Meanwhile 2026 Olympics to happen between 6 and 22 February.