Boxing, swimming and water polo lost their multidimensional legend Hysen Sharra.

Albanian boxing has lost one of the legends yesterday evening his Merited Master of Sports, Hysen Sharra, which is isolated into 80 years old. Hysen Sharra was conceived on November 15, 1935, and had conferred Teknikumi of practice in Tirana. In 1969 he graduated as an educator of Physical Education graduated at the Institute of Physical Education “Vojo Kushi”, now the University of Sports. The physical and ability Husayn not just exceeded expectations in the game of swimming, where he slipped and excellent swimming since he was little, yet more on that to boxing.

At different rivalries and titles, Hyseni has spoken to games club then “work” and later that Partizan “. Amid his profession in boxing he was proclaimed champion of Albania 9 times and has won 10 Cups Republic. Spartakiadën is the champ in the First National (1959). Hyseni additionally contended effectively in the universal field. Delegates boxing group, he has created with poise 5 heavyweight coordinate, among which the most lovely was it to the Hungarian Janos Granosh.