Professional boxing / Nuri Seferi defeated by Firat Arslan

ASNN – One of the boxers Albanians most noticeable minute, Nuri Seferi, endured Saturday night misfortune eighth profession, while it is conceivable to indicate duel for the title “European Champion” WBO form, weight super medium, known as “krujzer”.

Nuri Seferi, nicknamed “Albanian Tyson” has lost the ring Saturday night before Germany’s Baden-Vurtemberg Firat Arslan. In a match with twelve rounds, where great Sefer boksuar fifth and 6th, while the last has looked for and knockout, has been not able win over Asllani.

The last mentioned, in his vocation in an aggregate of 47 matches we had 37 wins, 8 misfortunes and 2 draws. Also, the choice of the judges of the table in a triumph on focuses, Firat Aslan is “European Champion” in the WBO variant, the weight “krujzer”. It was the loss of eight Seferin, which is five times champ of this title.