Champion / Hamilton “flies” on the runway

Powerful champion, Luis Hamil ton, has “get defensive”, as yesterday recorded the best time on the landing area of Spielberg, to stop the stopwatch 1’07 “922.

Today, Britain will begin the main Grand Prix of Austria. He abandoned his partner Niko Rosberg who qualified second, yet the criminalization of 5 positions to be taken to change the kambios will begin the race from seventh place.

Thus, in perspective of the beginning line, by Briton Hamilton would be the pilot Niko Hulkenberg with Force India, who came third yesterday.

By and by Ferrari pilots have baffled this season. Germany Sebastian Vettel couldn’t go more than 6th place, while his partner, Kimi Raikkonen, was situated 6th while McLaren between them was positioned Baton Xhenson.

Yesterday’s confirmation was described by a wet track that fell in the second session, provoking enhance the lap time on lap, leaving open the pilot’s name speedier until the latest possible time.

To be highlighted is the way that Vettel will lose five positions, after gearbox change and will leave the 9-ti. After Raikkonen positioned Daniel Ricardo (Red Bull), Walter Botas (Williams), Max Vershtapen (Red Bull) and Felipe Massa (Williams).

What emerged yesterday was dynamite mishap KVIA Russian driver, who lost control of the auto crashing into defensive boundaries.

Luckily, no issue for the pilot. For Hamilton, “shaft” of yesterday is the primary this season for Britain, which has the most obvious opportunity to lessen the hole in the general standings with partner Niko Rosberg, who drives the World Cup.