Rosberg wins in Italy, with Hamilton narrowed the difference to 2 points

Niko Rosberg ruled the Italian Grand Prix in Formula 1 taking a triumph that helps him with his colleague at Mercedes, Luis Hamilton, who drives the big showdown. The Briton made a wrong begin and it cost a considerable measure in this race, however at last figured out how to secure second place in the Monza track.

Rosberg led the pack of the race when Hamilton, who had secured the shaft position the day preceding, made a moderate begin. He wound up in sixth place, yet then started to recapture lost positions and ascended to second place.

In any case, Rosberg was inaccessible and won with an edge of security Fan, conveying to 7 the quantity of accomplishments in this season and 21 altogether in his profession, and seems to have revived completely the battle for the title which Hamilton has an insignificant preferred standpoint of just 2 focuses.

The twosome behind the Mercedes, which possessed the initial two places on the platform for the fourth time this season, was positioned nearby symbol Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari, trailed by partner Kimi Raikkonen.

Riçiardo, Botas, Verstapen, Perez, Masa and Hulkenberg finished the main 10 pilots in the focuses zone.