Lewis Hamilton wins in Mexico

Grand Prix of Mexico won by Lewis Hamilton, but the biggest winner may be considered Nico Rosberg to being ranked immediately after Britain at the finish approaches and more world title in Formula 1, when necessary and two races until the end, after the difference between him and Hamilton remain in clasification with 19 points, with 349 points against the 330 of Lewis. Two Mercedes cars plugged race as it went and to start defending their position finish after a race that’s true emotions were at the end of it, but as far as the 3rd country in the pod.

If two cars Mercedes dominated, surprise really gave Vettel who started from seventh place close race in third, consequence and disqualification Verstappenit, four laps before the end, not only retained the position after cut in February runway but also blocked the pilot Germany willing to allow Red Bull colleague, to pass in front of Ricciardo. This resulted in the disqualification of the Dutchman that conclusion was ranked fifth. In the 6 th place while Raikkonen arrived while scoring area was completed and Hulkenberg, Bottas, Massa and Perez. Regarding the Hamilton, this was his success 8th in the World Cup, while in the last two races Nico Rosberg might suffice and a 2nd and 3rd regardless of the outcome of Britain to title.