Vettel penalized, losing third place in Mexico

Sebastian Vettel lost third place to win the Grand Prix of Mexico in Formula 1. 3 hours after Ferrari driver crossed the line after the Mercedes twin Hamilton-Rosberg. The race commissioners decided penalized by 10 seconds for the German dangerous driving or irregular to Daniel Ricciardos therefore concludes Vettel from third to fifth. The lowest rate on the podium in Mexico belongs Australian, while Verstappen sentenced to 5 seconds for an illegal maneuver to Ricciardos up in fourth place.

The immediate reaction Maurizzio chief , who accuses the commissioners of the race for the decision which he is unjust.

“It should be a special day with a well-deserved podium, but was removed from the bureaucracy. The whole team showed character, staying united and focused in a difficult moment. Our strategy allowed us to improve many positions, our two drivers did an excellent job. Unfortunately, we were punished by a decision of the Commissioners of the race, which consider heavy and unfair. ”

However, this does little place in the overall standings with two pilots of Ferrari, Vettel and Raikkonen respectively ranked fourth and fifth with 187 and 178 points.